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Investment and Portfolio Management

Private Ridge Wealth Management is able to offer access to over 250 private investment managers, 50 different alternative investment managers, 10,000 different mutual funds, 3,000 different Exchange Traded Funds and over 100 different pre-constructed portfolios, which can be adjusted and customized to fit virtually any individual investment plan.


For those investors that desire a more customized portfolio, Private Ridge also offers professionally constructed, individualized portfolios specifically structured to your investment choices and goals.  As the client, you can control portfolio restrictions (excluding specific stocks or bonds), the percentage of individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETF's in your portfolio and even employ complex Option Strategies to suit your individual needs and desires, all while having professional management operate on the day to day decisions of your portfolio. 


In order to help you more accurately determine your goals and fears, each client receives an in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of their current financial situation, including their investments, liabilities, debts and upcoming goals.  Through this in-depth analysis, Private Ridge utilizes a personal Investment Policy Statement that provides the "roadmap" of the relationship.

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