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Every person that is associated with Private Ridge Wealth Management understands that you invest to realize your dreams and goals - whether it's to enjoy a comfortable retirement, to travel, spend time with family, or simply have the freedom to live life on your terms, you have saved, sacrificed and invested to be able to realize those dreams.  At Private Ridge, we understand that you don't invest so you can look at investment statements or performance reports - you invest to enjoy your life.   


Regardless of the amount of money you have, your money is important to you - and it's important to us... 


You Deserve A Firm That Understands Why You Invest....

Not Just How Much You Have To Invest.


PHILOSOPHY I -- While many investment firms want to get the highest return possible, which subsequently results in the highest level of risk and volatilty you can tolerate, at Private Ridge, we want to invest with the least amount of volatility possible while still helping you achieve your investment goals.  We believe this mentality allows our clients to feel more confident during opportunistic market periods, while also helping to minimize fears and doubts during difficult market periods. 


We encourage you to ask yourself,

"Would I rather have a plan to reach my goals, or the possibility of high returns AND the high risk?




 PHILOSOPHY II -- While many firms desire to provide returns that are relative to the overall investment market, Private Ridge focuses more on Absolute Market Returns...  Absolute Returns focus on yielding a positive net investment return on a consistent annual basis regardless of the overall market, compared to returns that are linked to the ups and downs of the market index.  Absolute Returns are designed to be more predictable, but will not capture as much of the positive gains in beneficial markets...  However, Absolute Returns generally don't struggle as much during difficult market periods.


We encourage you to ask yourself,

"Would I prefer annual returns that consistently yield between 0% and 9.5% OR is the possibility of gaining 20% more important, knowing the risk of losing 20% exists?"







  • Private Ridge Wealth Management was originally formed in 2009 after the owner and founder, Bradley D. Church, left a national wirehouse investment firm. 


  • Private Ridge Wealth Management currently serves clients in eleven states.


  • Private Ridge Wealth Management's logo is modeled after Black Mesa in northern New Mexico.  Owner and founder of PRWM, Bradley D. Church, grew up in northern New Mexico and felt the logo was a tribute to his past. 




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