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Debt Structure

While Private Ridge does not do any direct loans or lending, we have relationships with many local and regional lenders that can work to provide a customized solution for your borrowing needs. 


Whether you are looking for a specific loan need like a mortgage, or a general purpose loan for debt consolidation, our relationships with a variety of lenders provides you an excellent opportunity to structure a loan for your needs. 


We can assist in determining the use for a mortgages for a first, second and/or vacation homes, for auto or boat loans, business acquisition, growth loans and business equipment loans, as well as personal lines of credit. 


We can assist in evaluating the loans in regards to terms, rates and provisions, thus providing you the confidence in understanding and choosing the best option for your goals. 


Private Ridge is more than happy to provide lending support and guidance.  

You are never obligated to use or meet with any of our lending partners. 

The guidance and evaluation is part of our service. 


Any loans or terms you select are independent of Private Ridge Wealth Management. 

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